Privacy Policy                        
At, we value your
privacy and your personal information. We
take every step to insure that any
information collected will be for its limited
and intended use. is the name of the
business which owns this website,

Here is the type of information we receive
and how it is used.  

Users may send information through emails
containing limited financial and personal
information for the purpose of receiving
financial or business advice. This
information is kept in strict confidence and is
used only for the stated intended purpose of
direct advisement. This information is not
sold to third parties.

If a website visitor does not supply their
email or other contact information on
our contact page, they cannot and will not be
contacted. By not supplying that
information they are opting out of any
future communication, by email or
otherwise, from

Our host server may, in the normal course of
business, gain general information on user
location and other related user attributes.
This is done primarily general traffic tracking
and security. This can include IP address,
Internet Browser, and Internet Service

Similar to the host, our advertisers,
advertising servers and advertising
measurement software may collect limited
information relating to user location, site visit
frequency, user actions and related user
activity information while visiting the site.  

Affiliates may provide opt-in software that
personal and financial information, for the
purpose of providing financial advisor and /
or other relevant financial services to the

Please be assured your privacy and security
are our top priority.  
Privacy Policy
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